Assistant Treasurer


Tracie O’Sullivan, Assistant Treasurer

I have been married to my husband Matt, whom I met in high school, for 15 years . He asked me to the homecoming dance. We have three goofy & energetic children in 5th grade, 3rd grade & Kindergarten. I am originally from Wilmington, Delaware where I spent most of my early childhood. My family was relocated to St. Louis, Missouri when I was in middle school & high school. I attend the University of Missouri – Columbia. After college, Matt & I were married & extremely fortunate to live in various places around the US & the world.

I am currently the Assistant Treasurer of the Ridgeview PTO. I want to make a difference in the school. I believe there are many areas that we can help our kids grow, help our teachers reach the full potential of our children, help fill the needs that the district can’t afford, bring innovative ideas to the school and build a sense of community within Ridgeview. Additionally, I think it is important to be a good role model for our children teaching them to think beyond themselves by volunteering. What I hope to personally bring are a sense of  creativity & innovation to the PTO & to Ridgeview.

Elementary education is important to me, and it’s why I volunteer. Matt & I have three very different children with different strengths & weaknesses. Regardless of which child it is, I love seeing when their teacher has reached them. What do I mean by that? When one of our kids comes home & talks about what they learned vs saying they learned nothing that day, their teacher was successful. The teachers inspired them to want to share what they learned & to want to learn more. To me, this is the importance of elementary education, creating the desire to learn.

In my free time, I enjoy reading HGTV magazine. I really enjoy cooking, baking fancy cakes & working on any type of creative project.