Marilyn Anderson, Treasurer

I am currently the PTO Treasurer, but I have also done two years creating the school yearbook. I have also volunteered to help with many different PTO activities (copy room, library, staff appreciation, class parties, book fair, selling Bergner books, spirit day popcorn, etc.). I volunteer with many organizations because there is such a large need in our community. I am blessed in that I do not have to work outside the home and have the time to do it. I feel like volunteering allows me to contribute through my actions, even if I can’t always donate financially.

Because of this, my goal as treasurer is to be completely transparent about our PTO finances. I think that the only way people can make good decisions is to have all the information that is available. My first priority when I started was to simplify the way that we report our monthly income and expenses so that we could have a consistent and understandable format for people to use.

The PTO plays an important role because elementary education is critical to our children’s future. Not just rote memorization, but instilling a love of learning and a curiosity about the world. Certainly, learning the basics is important, but I see it as a bridge to better understanding and ability to make meaningful connections between what kids see in school and what they see in real life. I really enjoyed math and science when I was a child. But I also like to read, and as I have gotten older, I have found joy in writing as well. If we can get children on the right track early, they will enjoy these things as they get older too.

I have been married to my husband Randy for 18 years. We have two kids – Josh was born in 2005 and William was born in 2008. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through 12th grade, and then got my bachelor’s degree in science through the University of Minnesota. My degree is in Food Science and after graduation I spent 4 years working at General Mills in Research and Development on refrigerated cookie dough. I stopped working when my oldest son was born and we ended up moving to Peoria a few months later when Randy accepted a position with CAT.

In my free time reading is my favorite hobby these days. I am a voracious reader, both of books and of educational information on the internet (I love getting lost in random historical stuff on Wikipedia). The most recent book I read was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but I was also reading “Holes” with my younger son at bedtime and got sucked into the story and had to finish that on my own, too. Beyond that, I don’t have a ton of free time – I am a Cub Scout den leader (currently for 3rd grade) and I volunteer at my church. I also recently started as a Reading Buddy for 1st grade students at Trewyn Elementary in South Peoria. I have been making an effort to exercise, and I do scrapbooking with friends twice a year at a women’s retreat.